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The many meanings of water


The Three Elephants

Artist’s protest, 31 May 2021. Anonymous artists place flowers on the ripped and broken parts of Andries Botha’s public sculptures “The Three Elephants”

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Talking Bodies: Photographers use self-portraits to tell stories

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Do we live in a truly post-apartheid society?

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The Portfolio: Niamh Walsh-Vorster

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Yoga in Durban: Niki and Ellen’s yoga journey

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Finding a niche market with Thilo’s Timeless Closet


Student Review: The Art is Political [MATING BIRDS Vol.2]

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Air By Niamh Walsh-Vorster

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Oppikoppi: DJs, dust and dangerous beats

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Performance on demand

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Beware the white gaze

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Writing Back to the Industry

Portrait of the poet, Sihle Ntuli. 

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Salim Washington’s influence on Durban jazz, 2014

A Portrait of a Young Artist